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Pyramid Atlantic Community Arts Store
dedicated to supporting artisans and the arts within the community.

Come see why we are ranked in the
 Washingtonian Magazine's

Top 10 Gift Shops in the Washington area!

Hours: Tuesday-Saturday 11-7 ~ Sunday 10-4

 We are thrilled with our new location in the
heart of Old Town Takoma Park
7002 Carroll Avenue
we are delighted to share space with
Tom Radcliffe of Point of View Photography and Old Takoma Antiques.
Next to Mark's Kitchen!
Come by and support the artists in your community! 

Please "Like", tag us and share your stories!
Workshop Assistants Needed:
ArtSpring is looking for one person
 to take each workshop for FREE! 
In exchange, you need to register participants
at the door and close the store
after the workshop.  Please contact:

for more information.

Membership: You may also purchase
a gift of membership at
Pyramid Atlantic Center
for the Print and Papermaking Arts
and enjoy 10% off your ArtSpring purchase. 

Rewards Card: Instant Reward!
Load and use your ArtSpring
rewards card this weekend
and get an extra 10% loaded onto your card!

 Volunteer Credit: Get Credit for
Volunteering at ArtSpring! 
ArtSpring is seeking high school
or college students looking for
credit and experience in retail
at a unique, locally hand-made
Community Art Store.  They
should contact Valerie with a resume
and a short cover note indicating days
and times available as well as
their artistic interests. Flexibility
and understanding our need to cover
our events is appreciated. We are in
need of volunteers in the afternoons
and evenings to staff workshops and
similar events from 6-9:30pm and to do
basic office work.  If you volunteer to
staff a workshop, you may get to
participate in it for free!

Call to Artists: Calling artists of all ages,
especially those who are in middle and high school.
ArtSpring is looking for new locally hand-made,
professional-quality accessories, arts
and crafts of all types, with a preference
for those made and of interest to 'tweens,
teens and young adults. 
Please email &
with jpeg's/gifs/web site of your work. 
We will make an appointment to
see your work, hear your story and
determine if we could work together. 
Artist-led workshops could also be arranged.
Preference for people who could
volunteer a few hours/week.

ArtSpring Supports Pyramid Atlantic
Center for the Print and Papermaking Arts.